Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Remodeler

fort collins bathroom remodelingEmbarking on a home improvement project can be exciting, yet it requires a high level of professionalism, extensive expertise, and great attention to detail. This is why you should clearly convey your ideas to your contractor and make sure they can bring your vision to life. 

Whether you’re going for bathroom remodeling or renovating another part of your home in Fort Collins, asking the right questions is crucial. In today’s blog, we give you essential questions you should ask your contractor before they start working on your project. Read on!

What questions to ask a contractor?

Once you’ve selected your preferred remodeling company, getting a better understanding of their operations and their team’s skills and expertise will give you a peace of mind. Here’s what to ask your provider:

1. Who is designing the space?

Be it a small project or a comprehensive one, it’s important to know who will be responsible for designing your space. Is it done in-house or by a subcontractor? Will you have the option to browse through a portfolio of designs? Is the cost of design upfront or included in the estimated total? Will they provide you with professional consultation on color palettes and material selection?

These are all essential elements that will help you ensure your final design matches your project’s goal. In addition, you should feel comfortable communicating with your designer, as you’ll be in touch often throughout the project. 

2. How is the contract structured? 

There are different types of contracts a remodeling company can use. These include fixed price contracts, cost-plus contracts, and time and materials contracts. In any case, you should be familiar with it and know exactly what the pricing will be. 

Are the plans part of the contract and who is responsible for preparing them? How detailed is it? Will you receive any examples? Some of the most important points include the start and end dates of the construction and the payment schedule. 

3. Who will participate in the project?

Some companies have in-house specialists for every aspect of the project, while others bring in subcontractors for some specialty areas such as insulation, masonry, drywall, electrical, or plumbing. Either way, it’s important to understand who will be carrying out these operations. 

In case there are subcontractors involved, your provider should have an established relationship with them in order to be able to complete the project within the timeline and costs. 

4. How is the project supervised?

Will you be assigned a project manager in charge of supervising the construction? How many projects do they supervise on a regular basis? Your project manager should regularly meet with you throughout the project to discuss timeline, progress, and any decisions that need to be made. 

5. What is the warranty?

Most companies offer the minimum warranty which is typically one year, while others offer longer terms, and some even sell extended warranties. It’s essential that you understand exactly what your provider is offering as well as what your responsibilities are in maintaining the warranty. 

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