What are the Main Pros & Cons of Walk-In Tubs

Our bathrooms are temples of sanitation and respite. They are our favorite places where we have our “Me time” to unwind and recharge our batteries after a long day’s work. With technological advancements entering into every aspect of our lives, the latest trend in line is comfortable walk-in tubs.

If you’re not sure what you’ll get by installing a walk-in tub, keep on reading below. We’ll use today’s post to outline the numerous benefits and few drawbacks of putting in a walk-in bathtub in Fort Collins. Let’s start with the positives first.

Are walk-in tubs good for you?

In short, definitely! While most people associate walk-in bathtubs with the elderly and people with mobility issues, the truth is that walk-in tubs have so much more to offer. Here are just some of the main perks of having a high-quality walk-in bathtub in your home:

Less risk, more safety

One of the most common sources of injury in elderly individuals is slips in the bathroom. Whether it’s falling while trying to step into the tub or slipping in the bathtub while bathing, this mundane activity becomes much more of a challenge as we grow old. Walk-in tubs come with very low thresholds so people can step in and out without much effort.

Increased comfort

With more safety and less effort comes increased comfort. Besides effortless entries and exits, walk-in tubs are much deeper than your usual bathtub making it easier to soak up your entire body and enjoy full immersion. It also allows you to clean every part of your body without having to bend down which can be particularly beneficial for senior citizens. 


There is nothing more soothing than a full-body soak on a cold or busy day. Most walk-in bathtubs include hydrotherapy jets that work wonders on massaging our aching bodies. Whether you have pain in the back, joints, or muscles, whirlpool jets and therapeutic air bubble technology will increase your blood circulation, alleviate joint pain, massage achy muscles, and bring the soothing feeling of a spa right into your home.

What are the disadvantages of a walk-in tubAdded features

From basic safety features like grab bars, handrails, slip-resistant flooring, and emergency call buttons to comfort features like heated seating options and high-tech lighting and audio systems, you’re free to outfit your walk-in tub with fun and useful features that will take your bathing experience to the next level.

What are the disadvantages of a walk-in tub?

While walk-in tubs bring in numerous perks, it’s fair to say they are not for everyone. If you lead an active lifestyle and usually like to spend as little time as possible in the bath, a shower would be a much better option for you. Here are 3 things to keep in mind that may convince you that a walk-in bathtub is not for you.

Bathing takes more time

One of the major benefits of walk-in tubs can also turn into drawbacks. A tub full of water brings ease and comfort but it also takes a few minutes to fill up and then a few minutes to empty out once you’re done bathing. If your usual routine lasts for a few minutes and you don’t have the need to soak up for too long, you should stick with a shower.

Installation issues

While some companies can outfit you with a walk-in bath in just a day, installation can also become more complicated if you have to do some work with your electrical and plumbing setup. You may also need to make a few adjustments to your bathroom layout so it’s best that you call in pros to take a look and inform you of your options.

Increased costs

Depending on the model you choose, walk-in tubs can cost a lot more money than your regular bathtub. This is especially true for sophisticated models that are outfitted with high-end features. Since walk-in tubs have to get filled with water, they can also cause a spike in your utility bills, especially if you use them on a regular basis so make sure to keep this in mind before making your final choice.

Who can outfit me with a high-quality walk-in bathtub in Fort Collins, CO & the area?walk-in bathtub in Fort Collins

If you’re considering installing a walk-in shower and would like to learn about your walk-in shower options or maybe you’re more of a bathtub person, at Fort Collins Bath & Home Remodeling you’ll find a team of experienced specialists who have the tools and the know-how to help you decide what is the best option for you and your loved ones. 

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